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Our NEW 2020 programmes are here!



Through our hugely successful Global Youth Ambassador Project (GYAP) we provide high quality programmes based at one of our 1000+ globally connected schools.

We are unique as ALL of our programmes are based in local state/public schools and NOT in a language school, giving your students the opportunity to interact with local students and their families gaining a fully enriching educational and cultural experience.

Our schools are based globally in:

  • United Kingdom

  • USA

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • China



AGES 8 - 18

Your students will be immersed in one of our GYAP state/private schools for 1 week. The programme provides a real world experience of local education and culture.

Your students will be 'buddied" with our local students called "Global Youth Ambassadors" (GYA's) and looked after throughout their stay.

Our Immersion Programme is an unbeatable opportunity to practice and expand their English skills. 

Students will stay with our friendly local Host Families.


AGES 8 - 18

Our ESL programmes are run from a

 state school and NOT a language school. This provides your students with a fantastic opportunity to learn in a real UK school Environment.

We provide bespoke ESL programmes designed to cater to your students needs.

Students will stay with our friendly local Host Families. 

Girls at Recess


AGES 8 - 18

This programme is a 2 week combined course.

Week 1: Bespoke ESL lessons designed for your group and prepares students for entering UK school lessons.

Week 2: Immersion within a UK state school.

Students will stay with our friendly local Host Families.


AGES 4 - 8

A unique programme for younger students to experience and immerse themselves in the local language. 
Families are able to enjoy a true cultural experience together. Parents are able to go on short day tours or shopping trips during the day whilst their child is in class.

Elementary Classroom


AGES 8 -18

Our summer camp is an opportunity for your students to meet with local children and take part in a range of activities together.

Our qualified teachers will give your students an enriching experience and they will make life long friends with our local students.