Unlocking the Potential of Young Leaders and Promoting Global Citizenship

The Global Youth Ambassador Project (GYAP) aims to develop global citizenship and promote global learning. Global learning is an important part of any school’s approach to inspire, motivate and educate students. This includes developing the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, this also includes supporting teachers through CPD, school leadership and pupil achievement.


1. Your students take part in our FREE 6 step training programme, which enriches students as global citizens with an improved cultural understanding of local and diverse values, beliefs and communities (SMSC development)

2. After training, students put into practice what they have learned and host students from our international schools. This is  typically for one week. You chose: when to host, how many students and how many times a year.

3. Full support and sustainable opportunities to further learning throughout the year.

4. Income generation for your school, £25 per student per day for hosting (minimum)



Our 6 STEP GYA WORK BOOKLET links into every school’s ethos and allows their students to learn and put into practice what they have learned in a number of different settings.

In order to have the highest impact, our programmes are pupil-led ensuring pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development needs are met

GYA’s will then be “buddied” with their visiting international pupil and they will provide peer support during their visit. 



Every school is different and GYAP works in partnership with your school to provide a bespoke package that suits your school's needs, as well as supporting you throughout the whole process.

Using the skills learnt from their GYA work booklet, your students will help design the programme from start to end so that they gain and implement a full range of skills.

During the week your students will continue to grow in confidence as global citizens that enhance personal skills of communication, leadership and resilience within settings of socio-cultural differences. 

*All pupils, families and teachers have the opportunity to be involved with the GYAP. Where suitable, and after enhanced safety checks, we offer families to become a host family for your international pupils. They will receive funding for hosting a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 pupils, all of which is arranged by GYAP.

Being a host family is a rewarding, fun and educational experience for all members of the family and an opportunity to create long-lasting relationships.



Being a member of the GYAP provides a range of benefits for your pupils, teachers, school and community.

  • Being a member is FREE

  • All costs for GYA’s and visiting guests are covered via the GYAP 

  • Opportunities for lower income families across the world to benefit from free/subsidised educational trips abroad

  • New and engaging opportunities for targeted/PP pupils

  • Schools become part of the GYAP network

  • Term time immersion programmes, holiday clubs and summer immersion programmes run in your school for pupils and members of the community

  • Free CPD opportunities for staff to visit other schools across the world

In exchange for hosting pupils within your school, your school is able to earn credits which in turn can be used to:

  • Send pupils or teachers abroad

  • Purchase educational equipment for your school

  • Funding for other educational projects.

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