How does School Hosting work?

Every school is different and GYAP works in partnership with your school to provide a bespoke package which suits your school's needs, as well as supporting you throughout the whole process. This is where our company differ, and in our opinion, excel. OneWorld Education UK is an exceptionally hands on and proactive company, guiding you through the experience from start to finish.

When, and how often you host is entirely in your hands, giving you control over how many students you host. Students generally stay for 1-2 weeks and are aged 8-18 years.

Your UK students will meet with one of our trainers at your school, where they will train to become a Global Youth Ambassador and represent your school. Each GYA will receive their own GYA booklet, badge and certificate.

GYA’s will then be ‘buddied’ with visiting international students and provide peer support during their visit. Your guests will join in with your normal school day and experience education here in the UK. Using the skills learnt from their GYA work booklet, your students will help design the programme from start to end so that they gain and implement a full range of skills.

OneWorld staff are on hand throughout, working with you to provide a fulfilling and enriching programme and timetable, supporting and ensuring that the experience is a rich and positive one for all involved.

During the week, your students will continue to grow in confidence as global citizens that enhance personal skills of communication, leadership and resilience within settings of socio-cultural differences.

Schools are paid between £25/£35 per student per day, to host.

After hosting we continue to support your school to to help sustain the positive impact that has taken place.

Hear from a teacher from one of our existing GYAP schools:

“Implementing the GYAP programmeinto my school has provided my students with invaluable opportunities to develop a deeper socio-cultural understanding and developing as young global leaders of the future”


“Being a part of the Global Youth Ambassador Project has been a major success at Talbot Primary School. Since 2016, we have hosted children from different areas of China. Our children have had the opportunity to undertake some fantastic training to understand and know what it means to be a Global Citizen. This year we took our first group of Year 5 students for an educational visit to China. The impact has been life changing and has continued back in the class room and into the wider school community”