How GYAP can inspire students and help schools meet new OFSTED frameworks and Gatsby benchmarks

Schools working in partnership with GYAP are able to evidence and show impact through all the work undertaken by their students. GYAP also meets the new OFSTED 2019 guidance through the personal development of all GYA's (Global Youth Ambassadors). This is achieved through:

- High quality extra-curricular programme that embeds an ambitious and inclusive vision which supports pupil development.

- Coherently planned activities and booklet course that enriches students as global citizens with an improved cultural understanding of local and diverse values, beliefs and communities (SMSC development)

- Cultural excursions and exchanges which enhance personal skills of communication, leadership, resilience and confidence within settings of socio-cultural differences.

"OFSTED inspectors are interested in identifying any strengths that your school may have. If you can show, by taking a global approach in your curriculum and in the general ethos of your school, that pupils are more motivated, engaged and interested in learning, and that this is having a positive impact upon their outcomes, the inspectors should see that this is a strength and credit you for it".

Steven Taylor - School Improvement Officer - Shropshire

We work with primary and secondary schools to help embed the GYA Project into multiple areas of the curriculum including facilitating a 'peer mentoring programme' to be run in local primary schools to help with transitioning to secondary schools.

Through our 6 step programme, students develop high impact skills which can be transferred into a diverse range of settings and situations throughout their education and later life. Secondary schools can also evidence key areas using the Gatsby Benchmark.

Read some of our testimonies on the positive impacts on students and teaching staff alike here


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