Internationalism at Stantonbury is still full of Eastern Promise

Dave Smeath, Head of Year 12 at Stantonbury International school, has just returned from a fully funded trip to China, visiting schools, and meeting/speaking to Chinese students, staff and local government officials.

The aim of the trip was to find out more about Chinese education and Chinese society, while also looking at the positive impact of joining the Global Youth Ambassador Project – a student exchange and cultural awareness programme.

Dave Smeath said;

“Like last year, I was treated like a dignitary who was representing my country and was looked after very well. The Chinese educators were very interested to know about our Stantonbury International School and the British education system in general

Meeting the students was a highlight, especially when they encouraged me to join in everything from writing Chinese characters and playing traditional instruments to practising table tennis and kung fu.

This was a high-profile visit to nine schools in the Shandong Province of China, with a mixture of primary and middle schools providing education to children of ages 4 to 15. The students in China work for longer hours than ours, and every child wants to learn and

excel. All the students that I met were proud to show me their work and culture, each wanting to speak English, and were truly happy and excited to learn about England.

Children are children wherever they are from, and only through meeting and having the chance to get to know each other and our cultures, can the next generation create a peaceful world of understanding. This is probably a world that we all want to live in.

Developing contacts and relationships such as those that I made through the GYAP are integral to this process.

I would like to thank our Chinese hosts for their generosity and hospitality.”


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