Rachel Thompson - Redbridge Community School - Shares her thoughts on her recent trip to China...

"I have just returned from a fully funded trip to China to learn about their education system and have to say it was an experience that was richly rewarding and one I will never forget. We were looked after right from the start. Everything was planned and expertly executed. I was fortunate to spend time in 9 different schools where I got to see and experience the Chinese education system first hand. Students and educators alike were eager to showcase their schools and I got to see such a wide range of talent and excellence in every school I visited. I was repeatedly blown away and have come back with a wealth of ideas that I will use and adapt in my own teaching and educational setting. The hospitality that was shown throughout the trip was second to none. We were showered with gifts, lavish meals and trips out which only added to this truly amazing experience. Thank you GYAP, all the schools I visited, and China itself. You are forever in my heart and have inspired me to be an even better teacher"

Rachel Thompson - Head of Maths - Redbridge Community School


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