What does it mean to be a Global Citizen?

In much of our literature we reference "Global Citizens" and "Global Citizenship"... but what does this really mean? What is a Global Citizen and what does it mean to be a part of this growing and necessary movement?

What is a Global Citizen?

A Global Citizen is someone who is aware of the wider world and of the impact their actions may have upon it. A Global Citizen has respect for themselves and others, embracing diversity and taking responsibility for their own actions, they strive toward a better future and have an understanding of how the world works and their role within it.

Global Citizenship demands critical thinking, a problem-solving mentality, the ability to work effectively alongside others, and a creative, respectful, and pro-active attitude. The skills garnered through a more 'Globally Aware' education are increasingly recognised as being essential in not only day to day life, but in the vast majority of workplaces.

Working in partnership with schools, our Global Youth Ambassador Project (GYAP) educates students and teachers alike, on what it means to be a Global Citizen, and draws on the benefits of breaking down cultural barriers and sharing in experiences with other students and educators from across the globe.

Through GYAP, schools are linked with sister schools in China, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Korea and Europe, creating a global network of students and educators sharing best practise.

The Global Youth Ambassador Project (GYAP) aims to develop Global Citizenship and promote Global Learning.

Global Learning is an important part of any schools approach to inspire, motivate and educate students. This includes fostering the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, but also includes supporting improved teaching, pupil behaviour, school leadership and pupil achievement.

Find out how your school could benefit from the GYA Project by contacting us at ukoffice@oneworldedu.org

“Implementing the GYAP programme into my school has provided my students with

invaluable opportunities to develop a deeper socio-cultural understanding and developing as young global leaders of the future”


“Being a Global Youth Ambassador has helped me become more confident and I feel proud of who I am, I know I can do anything now”


“My family was not originally from the UK, and at times I felt a minority and an outsider. Being a GYA has shown me that others have felt this way too and that I have a great support network from all my fellow students at my school. I no longer feel an outsider and will help others feel included”



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