What is Global Learning?

Updated: Oct 25, 2019

The Global Youth Ambassador Project (GYAP) aims to develop Global Citizenship and promote Global Learning.

Global Learning is an important part of any schools approach to inspire, motivate and educate students. This includes developing the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of pupils, whilst also supporting teachers through CPD, School leadership and pupil achievement.

So what IS Global Learning?

Think Global defines global learning as education that puts learning in a global context, fostering:

- Critical and creative thinking

- Self-awareness and open-mindedness towards difference

- Understanding of global issues and power relationships

- Optimism and action for a better world

Through GYAP, schools are linked with international sister schools where best practice can be shared across a wide range of educational settings.

How can Global Learning be implemented into your schools approach to education?

Our 6 step GYA Work Booklet links into every school's ethos and allows their students to learn and put into practice what they have learned in a number of different settings.

In order to have the highest impact, our programmes are pupil-led, ensuring pupils spiritual, moral, social and cultural development needs are met.

Pupils will take part in our FREE training, encompassing the 6 step programme seen above. After training GYA's will be 'buddied' with their visiting international pupil and they will provide peer support during their visit. This is typically for one week and is fully supported by our team of staff, along with being a positive source of income generation for your school.

"Implementing the GYA Programme into my school has provided my students with invaluable opportunities to develop a deeper socio-cultural understanding and developing as young global leaders of the future"

Jon Colebrook - Assistant Head Teacher - Redbridge Secondary School

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